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Our vision is to pass on our knowledge to people and to exemplify our holistic way of living. 

Aurava is a place of inspiration, inner and outer growth, love, synergies, magic and joie de vivre.

The focus is on music, nature, culture and personal development. The appreciation of the abundance of nature and the holistic healing through music and sound are a central concern for us. These areas dynamically flow into each other in our place of power and complement each other.


Our doors are open to all people who feel drawn to develop here.

We offer a platform for services in the holistic health sector.


Our paradise lives from the desire to live in a community with different generations and to act as a meeting place and place for relaxation.

Löwenzahn Fallschirm-Seed

short concept

We create our own unconventional way of life and implement it step by step. 

We are an example of alternative living and housing.

Take a look at our short concept in PDF format here: 

Image by Paul Talbot

business plan

You can find our detailed business plan here.

To view the detailed attachments, please email us. 



You can find our statutes here. 

We grant active, honorary and patron members a 5% discount on all our products and services.

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